ADHD-Proof your Instagram with ManyChat

Last modified on June 19, 2024

It is 2024. People expect the ability to “comment for link”, and Instagram majorly rewards you for it, too! When comment & DM replies are automated for engagement and adding value to your audience, Instagram pushes your content to more of your audience (and more people outside your audience who might want in on the value, too).

The first time I really saw this, I had created a free buying guide to fucking machines and offered to email it to anyone who responded to my Instagram story. My average story views at the time were in the ~100-200 range (MAYBE 300 on a good day), and within 24 hours that story was shown to almost 1,000 people. It honestly blew my mind. Also about 8% of those story views converted to the opt-in and my email list grew by about 75 people in one. day. My previous record was like…7 in a day. WTF 🤯

So why did this happen? The automation made it EASY for my neurodivergent audience (because yes, that’s part of my niche) to get what they wanted with a very simple action. All they had to do was respond with a word, and the bot would prompt them to type in their email right inside the DMs. They didn’t have to click away from instagram, fill out a form, or do anything crazy. It was easy!

ManyChat helps my ADHD audience get what they want with less friction, and it also helps ME as an ADHD business owner follow-through on my promises to share resources, content, offers, etc. Because remember – once I setup that automation, I didn’t have to do anything besides watch the sign-ups roll in and the emails get distributed on my behalf. It was in a word, amazing.

So yeah, you’re gonna want to get in on this if you haven’t already! Start here.

(BTW if you want to read more about email marketing your NSFW biz, see Managing and Email List as an ADHD Entrepreneur with ConvertKit)

(BTW BTW if you are a fellow ND kinky biz human and want some personal guidance to see the opportunities for something like this for yourself – you can Get Vetted for private kink mentorship here)

About ManyChat

What it is:

Drive more sales and conversions on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger using automation.

Why I like it:

This makes it easier for my audience on social media to get to my content, offers, freebies outside the platform by letting them just react to a post or leave a comment instead of navigating to a linktree! Also great for converting Instagram followers to your email list - STRAIGHT IN THE DMs!


$15/month+ (depends on scale). Free plan available.


While this is a tool that has worked for me, it may not be the right fit for every biz owner. Or for the current stage of your biz. Vet the terms and conditions (especially around adult content) of ANY service you build your business with, in addition to making sure the actual features are a good fit for your needs. 

There are affiliate links in this post and I may earn commission for qualifying purchases.

Also know that you don't "need" any of these tools to build a profitable, sustainable business that support you and your family. I just like sharing because we need more kinky businesses in this world and maybe my learnings will help you grow your own empire!

Oh and if you want personal recommendations for your own kinky biz, I can be your mentor and love to geek out about this! Get Vetted for private mentorship here. 

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