Managing an Email List as an ADHD Entrepreneur with ConvertKit

Last modified on June 19, 2024

If you’ve listened to more than 5 seconds of any entrepreneurship podcast you’ll know that owning and growing your email list is a key part of your success as a business owner.

Multiply the importance of this by 10x if your biz topic is anywhereeee related to adult topics (like my BDSM mentorship biz). We’re already censored to death on most social media platforms, and the truth is that at any second they could (and do) decide to take down our profiles or limit our reach.

An email list is exactly how you combat that. You’ll own those contacts and can reach them as long as they’re still on board to receive your content, and won’t depend on the not-so-nuanced-or-informed decisions of the likes of these social media platform owners. Hot, right?

So you’ll need an email marketing software. ConvertKit is mine, and it’s how you can create really good look emails and effective automations or sequences without tearing your hair out in frustation.

A note on adult content – ConvertKit’s policy (as of posting this) prohibits non-educational or non-artistic adult content. So for me I’m able to use this as my resources and content are for kinky education and self-development, but this is clearly not the right place for every single NSFW business depending on what you plan to send out.

Another note on that – even if your convertkit account were to be closed, YOU WILL STILL OWN ALL YOUR LEADS of anyone who has opted into receiving emails from you! This means you can essentially take your following with you to another platform if it ever became an issue, unlike social media.

Another other note on that (this is just who I am, okay?!) – SOME features of ConvertKit will not be available to you depending on your biz topic. For example, ConvertKit has a product integration with Stripe that allows you to sell digital products or services straight through your emails. However, Stripe doesn’t allow adult content so you won’t be able to use that. Make sense?

(PS if you do already have your own website I’d recommend embedding those leads on your own site over the canva landing pages, though you technically can

About ConvertKit

What it is:

Helps 600k+ creators like you work smarter – not harder – with email, automation, and monetization tools that work together to drive continuous growth.

Why I like it:

This is the most intuitive and easy to use email marketing platform I've seen to date. There are a ton of features included that make this super ADHD-proof once you figure things out (like the snippets function, templates, and automation). There's also amazing deliverability (the most important part of email marketing), and because it's user-focused subscribers don't end up getting double emails if they subscribe again for something which is great!


$15/month+ (like all email platforms, price grows with your list size). Free plan available with branding.


While this is a tool that has worked for me, it may not be the right fit for every biz owner. Or for the current stage of your biz. Vet the terms and conditions (especially around adult content) of ANY service you build your business with, in addition to making sure the actual features are a good fit for your needs. 

There are affiliate links in this post and I may earn commission for qualifying purchases.

Also know that you don't "need" any of these tools to build a profitable, sustainable business that support you and your family. I just like sharing because we need more kinky businesses in this world and maybe my learnings will help you grow your own empire!

Oh and if you want personal recommendations for your own kinky biz, I can be your mentor and love to geek out about this! Get Vetted for private mentorship here. 

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