Kinky Bestie

Self-Development for submissives just like you. 🫢🏻

Hi, I'm Emma!

I'm a kink mentor & podcast host with over 6 years of experience as a submissive and little. 

I'll inspire you to see exactly what's possible when you drop the shame and decide to start living the life of your kinky dreams. And how to do that, duh! 

Here's my kinky dream life today:

πŸ’– Partnered to my dream Dom (who is also my boyfriend)

πŸ’– Being openly kinky and accepted, with a kinky biz to boot!

πŸ’– A lifestyle setup for my "unconventional" life goals. Including sex toys everywhere, sterilization surgery, and a beautiful low-maintenance home that takes care of me.

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1:1 Mentee

It's been so helpful, empowering, reassuring and inspirational - it's helped me work through some really big and amazing changes in myself and my life

1:1 Mentee

Emma created a safe space for me to explore my desires, WITHOUT fear of judgement holding me back

1:1 Mentee

Your mentoring style perfectly blends fun, realism, and honesty. It’s exactly what I’ve been searching for and I’m so glad to have found you!


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