Private Kink Mentorship

Let's chat about all the things your vanilla friends just don't get (try as they might) and turn your closeted spicy desires into your REAL kinky dream life. 

Portrait-style photo of Emma Gray, owner of kinky bestie wearing rainbow graphic makeup and smiling


1:1 mentorship is completed tailored to YOU! Your brain, your wants, your needs, I'm here for it. 


Clear action steps to start fast-tracking towards your desires.

Peer Mentor

Chat with a like-minded kinkster who's been there

Hi, I'm Emma!

I'm a kink mentor & podcast host with over 6 years of experience as a submissive and little. 

I'll inspire you to see exactly what's possible when you drop the shame and decide to start living the life of your kinky dreams. And how to do that, duh! 

Here's my kinky dream life today:

💖 Partnered to my dream Dom (who is also my boyfriend)

💖 Being openly kinky and accepted, with a kinky biz to boot!

💖 A lifestyle setup for my "unconventional" life goals. Including sex toys everywhere, sterilization surgery, and a beautiful low-maintenance home that takes care of me.

💖 But first, a vibe check! 🌈

Vetting : What to Expect

Book your Call

Pick a time online to have our vetting call! You'll get a google calendar invite & meeting link that you can pop right into your schedule (and reminders leading up to the call, too). 

Vetting Call

We'll video chat during the time you picked and get to know each other! We'll chat all about your wants & needs from a mentor. Vetting is mutual, so this is also your time to ask whatever you'd like to know to decide if I'm the right mentor for you, too. 

Decision & Next Steps

If we decide it's a good fit to move into a mentorship relationship together you'll become a Vetted Bestie and the next steps are to choose the best mentorship package for you. If we're not a good fit for each other, I'll recommend some resources to support with your goals. 

Book a Vetting Call

Want to know if 1:1 kink mentorship is right for you? Any lingering questions? Book a Vetting call to chat about it! 





1:1 Mentee

It's been so helpful, empowering, reassuring and inspirational - it's helped me work through some really big and amazing changes in myself and my life

1:1 Mentee

Emma created a safe space for me to explore my desires, WITHOUT fear of judgement holding me back

1:1 Mentee

Your mentoring style perfectly blends fun, realism, and honesty. It’s exactly what I’ve been searching for and I’m so glad to have found you!


What can we talk about during the Vetting stage?

Think of this like a facetime call with... your new kinky bestie. We'll chat pretty casually (now that we're off social media, there's no need to censor), and while there will be lots of questions back and forth this doesn't feel like an "interview". It's really more a vibe check 😎. Book here!

What IS off limits is actual mentorship during this time. Believe me, we'll get there if we're meant to, but TBH we need the whole 30 minutes to cover some background before I can give meaningful insight and support on these supah nuanced topics. 

How do I know if I should be booking a vetting call?

If you have a desire for 1:1 kink mentorship, a burning desire on your heart to bring more kink or kinksters into your life, and are liking my vibe so far - THIS IS MADE FOR YOU

It's okay if you're not 100% committed to the idea yet, this is the perfect chance to check it out I'm the right fit for you and if this format will work for you, too. 

I'm _____ flavor of kinky, is that cool?

Probably yes! I can hold a judgement-free space for all legal kinks and as a fellow kinkster have probably tried what you're into - at least once. Here are just a FEW of the kinks that are pretty common with my mentees:

D/s, humiliation, age play, pet play, ABDL, cuckolding, impact, chastity. 

It's also okay if you aren't into all that or don't know what some of it even is. Book a vetting call and tell me what it is you're into!

How does the $69 deposit work?

If you are Vetted for mentorship, you can apply the $69 vetting fee onto any mentorship package. If you decide not to enter a mentorship package or are not Vetted, the fee is nonrefundable to compensate for my time and software costs (and to keep the anti-kink crowd from spamming my schedule). 

What are the mentorship packages like?

Essentially the packages are a commitment to mentorship between 1-3 months in length with different levels of support available for your needs. These packages are anywhere between $540-$1500 with payment plans available.

Vetted Besties will receive my phone number so we can text about any questions you may have or about creating a custom package or payment plan just for you! Interested? Get vetted to get started.

P.S. Vetted Besties can also book a la carte mentorship calls, you just aren't able to apply the Vetting fee towards those.