Free Business Banking for your NSFW Biz with Found

Last modified on June 30, 2024

When I was starting to take payments in my business for the very first time, I was so excited to get a business bank account. I went down a YouTube rabbit hole and spent hours deciding which company I wanted to go with – which would offer the best bonuses, features, or pricing.

But when I went to apply (for the one I’d carefully chosen), within a few minutes I was met with a vague rejection email. Womp Womp. I had experienced some nasty comments online about my kinky biz and I was so confused at first why a bank wouldn’t want my money for my totally legal, legit operation. This was my first time being rejected by another business – and I cried.

Like, ugly cried.

Turns out banks can be super, super prudey! I also learned through this experience that this is why many other businesses are “prudey” too – because they have to be in order to process transactions through their bank of choice.

While this was very eye-opening (and a bit disheartening), the fact remained. I still needed a business bank account!

That’s when I took to the depths of the internet (reddit, lol) and had a lightbulb moment… “I bet the OnlyFans creators will know”. And sure enough, they did! Within a few minutes of scrolling r/onlyfansadvice I saw a recommendation for Found Banking, was floored by the lack of fees/minimums (I had applied for a bank that DID have both fees and minimums), and signed right up.

And honestly – you should too! Even if your biz isn’t spicey, it’s a great app and service that is super simple to use with a ton of handy features like tax estimations (and automatic saving), invoicing, and contractor payments.

Earn $20 when you spend your first $100 when you sign up with this link (and I get $20, too! Thanks Bestie!)

About Found Banking

What it is:

Found was created with freelancers in mind. A banking platform for the self-employed with no account fees, no sign-up fees and no monthly minimums.

Why I like it:

I discovered this bank from the OnlyFans community on reddit! They are okay with NSFW businesses (many banks are NOT), the app and website are so simple to use (and aesthetic). What's not to love? Such a no-brainer, honestly.


Free (premium version available for more functionality, but I haven't needed to upgrade yet)


While this is a tool that has worked for me, it may not be the right fit for every biz owner. Or for the current stage of your biz. Vet the terms and conditions (especially around adult content) of ANY service you build your business with, in addition to making sure the actual features are a good fit for your needs. 

There are affiliate links in this post and I may earn commission for qualifying purchases.

Also know that you don't "need" any of these tools to build a profitable, sustainable business that support you and your family. I just like sharing because we need more kinky businesses in this world and maybe my learnings will help you grow your own empire!

Oh and if you want personal recommendations for your own kinky biz, I can be your mentor and love to geek out about this! Get Vetted for private mentorship here. 

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