November 6, 2023

Finding Community in Kink: Overcoming Fears & Embracing the Kink Community

Hey besties! 🎧 In this episode, we’re delving deep into the world of kink community. We’ll chat about how to find your kink community, why some of us tend to avoid it, and how to conquer those avoidance fears. It’s a shorter episode packed with actionable tips and a mindset shift approach. We’ll explore finding kink communities online, addressing fears around privacy, safety, and rejection, and how to take those crucial steps towards your kink community goals. So, if you’re curious about kink community and looking to build confidence, this episode is for you!

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β€œHey besties. Today, we’re talking about all things kink community. How to find community and king why you’ll avoid it? Waste overcome that avoidance and just do the thing anyways because if you’re listening your desiring some sort of community and kink. So let’s do it. Let’s chat about it. Um, this will be a shorter episode. God, i’m hoping Um, this is a batch day for me where i’m recording multiple podcasts in a row. And this is my last one of the day. And i Yeah, i just had a hard time raining in my wanting to rant about the other. And i’ve got shit to do. So. Okay, we’re gonna keep this a little short into the points. This is going to be very actionable and more of a mindset shift type of episode rather than like, uh, you know, a step by step tutorial, kind of thing that i usually do. Okay. So, Finding community can kink, you’re probably You probably already know ways to find this community. I will give a little blur like little blurbs about you know the ways like you can clearly find people online. That life is an amazing resource. That life is also great way to find again. Other resources to find kink community. So people will post about physical events there so you can find physical community. But you’ll also find out about some digital communities that way, too. A lot of times people will post to fetlife, you know, about their discord group or, you know, kick used to be a thing for community groups too. I don’t know if that’s even around anymore. Um, but discord is the one that that i have seen most recently. It’s like an online meeting space. Sometimes even digital events will go on. That will be posted to fetlife 2 like munches that will maybe happen over zoom or you know an online place like that. So You know, there are some things that you can start researching to find those kink community and places. So come up with those places that are interesting to you just do your research on. Yeah. We’re Where you want to go, what you want to experience, and The reason that you’re probably here uh is because you know, you maybe already know about these communities but you find yourself avoiding them for one reason or another. So maybe it’s that, you know about these spaces but For maybe a reason that you can’t quite put your finger on. You don’t want to do it. Or maybe you’re able to to put your your finger on a piece of the reason but not, you know, maybe it’s not grounded in a ton of reality or truth and it’s coming from more of a fear place. So, oftentimes I see this a lot around fetlife where people, You know, there’s this this kind of fear around fetlife as an online place Um, And you you’ll hear this around different reasons…”

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