November 13, 2023

Creating Abundance in Kink: Endless Opportunities for Your Desires

Hey, fabulous folks! Today, we’re delving into a topic close to my heart – cultivating an abundance mindset in the world of kink. I’ve been there, stuck in that place of scarcity, fearing that there just aren’t enough options for me in the kinky dating pool. But through my journey, I’ve learned to shift my beliefs and embrace the idea that there are countless compatible partners out there, just waiting to explore kink with me. I’ll break down the steps to flip the script on those limiting beliefs and replace them with thoughts that will empower you. We’ll discuss why you’re not facing a shortage of dominants or kinksters, and how to make manifestation work in your favor. Let’s help you attract the kink experiences you deserve!

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“Hello! Fun stuff a day. I’m diving into one of my favorite topics ever. Which is abundance mindset. Um, this is actually something that sometimes it’s hard for me to Share. Just because I was in this place for so long in my life just fearing and feeling like There weren’t enough options for me or like, you know, it’s gonna be hard for me to find kinky people that are compatible with me, who actually want to date me. And yeah, i just used to live in such a place of fear and shame and you know, just this lacking mindset. Um, But because i have as one of my symptoms of that. A bit of, you know, my memory is not always the most reliable and it can be really hard for me to remember things. You know, the further away from that event i i am So, sometimes it’s hard for me to actually talk about this topic and put it into words, because i’ve been out of that lack state for social long time, like my reality is just, oh, there are all of the options for me. Everyone wants to be with me and give me what i want. So, Usually, that’s kind of the beat beauty of my one-on-one calls is, i’m able to just really shift people into that mindset by sharing how i feel about it. So it can be hard sometimes to, you know, logic logify it And break it down, but i’m going to try to do that today. I’ve listed out. Yeah. Just that’s 90 years around this. And the first things first, we’re gonna talk about hey is there actually a shortage of doms or shortage of kinky people? And then, How to get into the abundance mindset around that. So, first of all, I do not believe that there is a shortage of doms. Or a shortage of kinky people. Um, I, you know, i have uh, Lifetime of experiences that have kind of Um, led to me getting to that personal belief. So, Do your own. I try to do some research before this episode of like, you know. Oh, are there more doms than subs in this world? And you know, i couldn’t really find much. So maybe actual research will come out around this topic and we can put it to numbers, but from just, my personal experience is and i’ve noticed in the kink community. I absolutely do not believe that there is a short of dumbs number one, because if you go to any Um just like kinky dating, you know, video on youtube, cheesy thing, whatever. Your you will find a comment section full of people saying, oh well i’m a i’m a dog and it’s so hard for me to find subs the same way that subs will leave that same comment of i’m a sub but it’s so hard to find the right. Dom You know, i also just know from being a submissive on unfetlife. Oh my god. You’re going to be absolutely hounded with doms. Who, just yeah, want to talk to you and dominate you and just…”

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