October 30, 2023

Fast-Track Your Kink Journey: Practical Steps to Real-Life your Fantasies

🌟 Ready to turn your kink fantasies into reality? 🌟
This podcast episode is full of high-level actions to plan and take to transform your life into your dream kinky fantasy. This episode covers:
πŸ”₯ Embracing your kinkiest desires with unapologetic enthusiasm.
πŸ”₯ Cultivating a proactive mindset by mapping out actions for your desires.
πŸ”₯ Releasing perfection and overthinking by focusing on the purposeful actions you CAN take.
πŸ”₯ The power of mentorship and a supportive community to fast-track your journey.
Ready to manifest your dream kinky life? Let’s do this! 🌈πŸ’₯

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Transcript (continued on my website https://kinkybestie.com/podcast):

Hey y’all. Okay, here’s hoping this is a shorter episode. I have a shorter list of bullet points, so we will see, but oh my god. Last week’s got really long and really carried away. But hey it was important it was good, it lives on my website. Now it’s entering my you know, all my faq’s for my website and mentorship and stuff. Okay, cool. So today i have a really fucking fun one. We are talking about something that i talk about in mentorship, which is realizing your dream, kink life and manifesting and making it fucking real for you. So, we’re gonna break it all down. It’s going to be so much fucking fun and honestly it’s going to be like a mini mentorship session, so i am fucking excited for you. Let us do this thing. Okay. So, The first thing is to realize your dream kinky life because i know you’ve got a shit ton of desires around kink now that’s why you’re here. Is to make a list somewhere. Of every single kinky desire that you have, it could be specific actions, like specific things you want to do in bed, toys you want to try and implement, scenes you want to be in, but it can also be like ways you want kink to be in your life, more like you wish you had like a kinky job. Do you wish that you worked in an environment where kink was cool? Do you wish that you were in more kink social spaces and scenarios? Just like, Every little thing, your kinky heart desires is getting all written out on this page, this google sheets, excel document, whatever it is. Okay. And really take your time with this. Go deep, go through your porn search history if you need to – like do what you got to do. And Pause and come back or whatever. Okay, when you have your list of all your Kinky things that you want to happen in your life. Next, each of those items you’re going to write out a tangible action that you can take for each of these to get you this thing. Like, Okay, if you’re Oh i should have come up with examples before this you know it doesn’t work well whenever you try to come up with examples on the fly but we’ll try so. Okay, if one of your kinky desires is to have a diaper placing What would be an action that you could take for that to happen? You could write out multiple actions if there are but it’s also okay to just out right out one for each especially if you have a shit ton of kinky desires, like maybe it’s a simple as like buy a diaper. Find a kinky partner, who would do this thing that you want to do? Or maybe it’s finding a space where you can do this thing or finding time in your routine where you can do this thing. Like, what is the action that would get you there? Okay, so if the thing that you would need to have that scene that you want to have is to have time in your day. Well, having time your day is in the tangible action. The tangible action would be like, scheduling in and blocking out time to do this with yourself…

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