October 30, 2023

Kink Mentorship: Your Questions Answered

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Get your questions answered as we dive deep into this episode:

🔥 What is kink mentorship all about, and what benefits can kink mentorship bring to your life?
🔥 How do you know if it’s the right path for you?
🔥 How does mentorship offer tailored support in a niche community?

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Hello Hello! I’ve got a different kind of episode for you today. This is going to be a living resource episode that I point to a lot now to answer some frequently asked questions that i get all the freaking time asking about kink mentorship. So What is this thing? How do i know if this is right? For me? And then also, of course, I’m going to be talking about what kink mentorship with me is like, and how to do it. And All the questions that I get asked around that too, so Diving. Right in. What really is kink mentorship? So this is different to different people. Um, in the context that i’m talking about kink mentorship, it is like a non-sexual relationship like a mentee mentor relationship. Um, where i’m someone, who is a peer mentor. So I’m someone who’s like in the similar kink boat to you, but i’m a bit further along and my journey and i’m supporting you in that way. I’ve just you know, someone who knows what you’re going through. knows, you know, the topics that you’re talking about and is here and supportive and has the space to give to you. So, There’s a few different reasons that people can seek this out or that, you know, it can just be beneficial for you. But you know what, ultimately, depending on your situation. So, What happens with a lot of kingstars is because this is such a niche. Topic, it can be hard to find community around or maybe you do find community around it. But the community that you’re finding is, you know, like people you do want to have sexual relationships with so it can be Hard to then find platonic support. Also, you know It could be hard to find sometimes kingsters who like to have their shit together a bit like it tends to be my I love my kinky people. They tend to be shit. Shows a little bit sometimes. And that’s cool too. We love that but sometimes they’re not able to hold the space for you whenever you are seeking support as a kinky person. So yeah, that depends more on your own support system and what kind of, you know what, what you’re going through that you want support with So, Um, on the flip side of that, maybe you do have a strong support system, who is like, Really. You know. Okay, with whatever it is that you’re doing, but because they are not active kinksters themselves, they probably lack a lot of the awareness around. What’s actually, you know what, king is, and what’s going on? Um and maybe you find most of your time seeking support from them is actually just you having to explain your kinks. Um, which you know? It’s not, you know, a diss on your friend or anything like that, it’s just Is can be really it’s not always a realistic expectation. To ask someone who doesn’t actually know this like niche topic to learn about it really quickly and then be able to provide perspective for you. Like maybe they are able to quickly provide perspective, but it’s just different than the type of perspective. You get From someone who is. Already like from the get-go on that same page with you about what’s going on…

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