November 20, 2023

ADHD and Service Submission: Creating Consistency in Kink

Hey there, my kinky besties! In this episode, we dive deep into the world of service submission, with a twist for those who might be dealing with ADHD or consistency challenges. I’m here to help you eliminate, automate, systemize, batch, and delegate tasks, both in your personal life and your service submission journey. Whether you’re taking off your Dom’s shoes or exploring the wonders of robot vacuums, we’re going to make more time and space for your kink desires. Let’s get efficient, kinky, and creative together!

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Oh, hello. My little besties How was your your weekend? Let’s get you excited for this next week. We’re dropping and driving. Oh my god. Am i the worst podcast host ever? World, we may never know. Um, we are diving into one of my favorite topics. As of lately. Um, because I fully acknowledge that i have ADHD and my topics of interest change on a daily weekly monthly basis. So this might change later. So let’s talk about it now. Well, i am really interested in this topic and have so many thoughts that are fresh to say about this. So we are talking about service submission. Um, What this is in kink. So this is a desire to To serve your partner in some way. It’s, a really can be a really beautiful piece of your submission practice to care for your dog. Because, oftentimes the desires we have in submission are to be taken care of by others. So, You know, sometimes uh we also have a desire to take care of our doms or maybe, Um, you know, that this is your dance love, language is to be cared for and access service or something that their brain understands and loves and values. So let’s let’s share that love for them in the ways that they love too. So, Um, if you do not have a dom That is okay this episode is for you to. I’m actually also going like a big part of this episode is going to be talking about ways to be a surface sub to yourself actually to make space for. Um, manifesting service submission with with a dominant partner too. So this is for you either way, if you are just desiring a dumb and desiring this to be part of your kink practice in some way or if you currently have a Dom and are looking to you know be a good service of to them. Even if you have ADHD or just executive functioning issues or struggle with the consistency piece, Um, this all ties in so very excited to do this. Uh, let’s let’s just dive in and talk about it. So how does this relate to ADHD? So if you have a desire to take care of your partner and you know, just, you know, take some types of tasks and services. Over to to do for them. Um, if you have struggles with executive, Functioning. Um, or again? Yeah, if you are just a person who tends to hyper fixate and get really excited about something once. But three months from now, it’s hard to say. If you’ll, you know, still be on that train and if this is still something that you’ll be wanting to do later. Um, Or who knows, maybe six months from now. This is still like the hot topic of your life and you’re just finding different nuances for it. That’s okay too. But yeah, if you just really don’t know. We’re gonna, we’re gonna talk about. Yeah, how to automate and set systems in place. So that yeah, you can still care for your partner and lovely ways. Even if You know, it’s just not not the the hot topic for you anymore. Because, you know, our lovely, domi partner is deserved that consistency from us too. Whenever we can create it and we can absolutely create it. Even if we have a issues with executive functioning…”

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