Bellesa Boutique AirVibe Sex Toy Review

Last modified on June 9, 2024

This sex toy gave me my first orgasm ever. Not a joke! I was 21, already had a sex toy collection larger than the average adult, and had been exploring many a kinky thing trying to reach that elusive O.

So what is this thing? It’s a wearable (yeah, for real) internal vibrator with a bit that sits outside and sucks on your clit. It’s flexible and bends in the middle so you can adjust it to your body.

This toy led me to my now obsession with clit suction toys and is a really cute and fun, only-slightly-intimidating introduction in this realm of toys.

At the time of writing this review, I no longer have the AirVibe (electronic toys do eventually fail). I do however have the AirVibe Pro.

One more thing to note – the listed retail price here is rarely ever accurate as Bellesa very frequently runs sales anywhere from 30-60% off on their site (which is the only place you can buy their toys).

If there’s ever not a sale running, use my coupon code BBKINKYBESTIE for 30% off!

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You're not on just any sex toy review site! You're in my personal toybox of toys I love, trust and have vetted - the vast majority of which were purchased by myself or my partner. 

My scoring system is SUPER personal to my needs and preferences as a low-executive function girly with ADHD. This means I'm not typically interested in measuring toys or decibel levels, ask questions in the comments!

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Emma's Rating: 4/5

OKAY so just because it was my first O doesn't mean I can't look at this toy with a critical eye.

For one, there is a learning curve to inserting this toy which can be confusing (and a little scary, like you think the toy might snap in half). That is overcome-able, but it is a thing.

And then once things are inserted, I haven't found this thing to be truly "hands off" for more than a few odd minutes. Which is not a bad thing, I like keeping control on clit stim (and am used to that from operating any other suction toy), BUT it seems counterintuitive to the design.

ADHD-Proof* Score: 60/100

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The toy itself is waterproof and silicone so very easy to clean. It's one of the few suction toys that you also do not need q-tips to fully clean because the silicone covers the entire suction opening.

One of the marketing points and key features of this toy (and most of Bellesa's toys) is a plastic charging case. This is meant to be "discreet", and many people joke that this is the "polly pocket vibrator", which, LOL fair. So this is definitely a major "plus" for many people, and perhaps who their target demographic is. For ME, this is just an extra piece to keep track of - UGH!

The case also needs a different charging cord than the industry standard magnetic charger (it's just a micro USB charger). As an anything-but-discreet person who hates managing cords, this is so super annoying to me! But again this is made for their demographic who don't want people to know they have sex toys. The reviews for the charger on their site have people raving that they "love how it looks like any other phone charger". OK - don't know how true that is in 2024, seriously, who has a micro USB charger for anything, but you get the picture.

*By ADHD-Proof, I basically mean "me"-proof. Or how suitable this is for my lifestyle and brain as a kinky human with ADHD (this is my personal toybox after-all). When I buy toys I'm looking for low-maintenance materials, easy to clean design, limited components to keep track of, stuff like that. That's what this score is referring to. 

Stimulation Score: 90/100

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Usually dual toys never do both things they're supposed to do perfectly. That's not exactly the case here as this toy has a great suction and is also a great internal vibe. Not the BEST ever, but pretty dang up there.

If you haven't tried a wide variety of vibes and suction toys, you will be pretty dang pleased. I certainly was! Until using this toy took me down a rabbit hole of trying every clit-sucking toy in existence.
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Technical Specs

Lube Compatibility





  • = compatible
  • = not compatible

As with all suction toys - I recommend applying a thick lube right around the rim of the suction opening. This is how you can keep the seal for suction, which is especially true for this toy that is also vibrating (moving) on ya and attached to another part of your body.



Anal Safe?



Optional 90 day purchase protection at checkout ($5)

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You'll need to keep the case in order to charge this - and it will take a Micro USB cord (included).

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Bellesa "AirVibe"

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