December 1, 2023

Are Kink and ADHD Related? + Kink Coaching Giveaway

As a mentor for submissives with ADHD, this is a question I get asked a lot. Today I’m answering this once and for all!

I’m also celebrating Spotify wrapped season with a special limited time giveaway of my not-even-out-yet upcoming course (which includes private 1:1 mentorship with me!) Get in touch on Instagram @kinkybestie, or email me your listenership or review screenshot

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No transcript today as I’m figuring out video software for the first time – bear with me! Would love your feedback or tech suggestions, get in touch when you’re sending in your reviews for the giveaway!

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Hi! I'm Emma!

AKA your Kinky Bestie. As a submissive and little 🫧 with ADHD, I mentor kinksters creating their own kinky dream lives!

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