December 4, 2023

Kink, ADHD, and Zzzs: the sleep episode

Today we’re chatting about sleep and how the fuck to sleep with ADHD when your favorite kinky activities take place in the same room.

From separating your sleep sanctuary to managing sex toys and creating a plush bedtime haven (fit with smart devices to boot), we’re unraveling the secrets to blissful sleep with ADHD in the mix. Discover why a dedicated sleep space is your ticket to dreamland and how to keep those sexy toys tucked away when it’s time for some serious Zzzs. Plus, get pro tips on using sensory aids like blindfolds and earplugs to enhance your sleep routine. It’s all about creating a haven that screams comfort and relaxation. Let’s do this thing! ✨

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“Oh my god. Hi, hello. If you’ve listened to past episodes, are you been in my circle for a while? You know, that i’m a Batcher. Like i try to batch all my My podcast stuff all together at once. And last episode was my first ever time doing a Video episode. And it’s taking a long time to upload and i’m not even sure. Ah, i mean, i’ve already recorded it, so i’m committed to getting it up. But as of this moment, it seems like a big pain in the butt, so maybe i’ll figure out systems for it in the future. But for right now, i’m just gonna record the rest of these In the normal way, i’m comfortable with so i can make sure i can get this shit to you rather than trying to Figure out like a totally new process for three episodes all at once in, spanish it ten of time on it. So That’s what’s going on. If you loved the puck, the video format definitely let me know. Um, because sometimes i feel the podcasts there’s not a ton of Direct feedback. It’s not the same as social media where you’re going to get, like a bunch of, you know, comments for for every episode. Basically knowing what people think a little bit like shouting into the void. So i really don’t know what you like and what you don’t like. So tell me if there’s something you love. So i know what to prioritize. You know, like focusing on and what is important to you guys. So yeah, okay today. All that aside. Today today talking about Sleep spaces with adhd. If you are in the kinky lifestyle, because this is a really Interesting intersection. Um, So, It’s pretty wildly, studied. That. Adhd. Equates to A tough time sleeping as a normal human. Like, our melatonin production isn’t always the same. We just have higher levels of energies so it can be harder to wind down. Um, harder to like regulate certain certain like habits and patterns around sleep. So, combining that with You know, bedroom interests. Like the example i can think of it might i’ve got a shit ton of sex toys and where else am i going to store them? But my bedroom. So, I have some, some guidance, some solutions for Keep like finding a little little balance between the two so that you can get some fucking sleep. And just other sleep space ideas as well for, you know, Focus on this lovely. Adhd bubbly. Brain neurodivergent spectrum. So, The first thing. If you can, if it is at all possible for you, Creating a separate space, just for sleep. Is the ideal way to go. It’s the ideal way to go so that your brain knows that, like, whenever you enter this room, like this is my just my sleeping room. And just my sleeping space and like, my brain has a dedicated activity. That goes on here and nothing else. It can be harder to wind down, and shut down your brain…”

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