Unbound Babes Clutch Sex Toy Review

Last modified on May 19, 2024

It's a rabbit toy... with a HANDLE! 

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My scoring system is SUPER personal to my needs and preferences as a low-executive function girly with ADHD. This means I'm not typically interested in measuring toys or decibel levels, ask questions in the comments!

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Emma's Rating: 3.5/5

Unbound's take on a rabbit! Super fun design and colors, like all things unbound.

ADHD-Proof* Score: 90/100

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I mean, it's silicone and totally water-proof! Not much to manage, just how I like it. And can I get 3 cheers for a universal magnetic charger?

*By ADHD-Proof, I basically mean "me"-proof. Or how suitable this is for my lifestyle and brain as a kinky human with ADHD (this is my personal toybox after-all). When I buy toys I'm looking for low-maintenance materials, easy to clean design, limited components to keep track of, stuff like that. That's what this score is referring to. 

Stimulation Score: 60/100

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Okay so you already know I don't LOVE this based on the sale fact that I am generally way more of a suction girl than a vibe girl.

The thrusting is more of a "rumble" than an actual thrust once inserted. Which isn't bad, just to temper expectations! The insertable dil end is smooth and hard and not wildly thick so it also doesn't satisfy on that side either.

Frustrating to try and cum with as the vibrating bit gets in the way of where I wanna get my suction toy in and the dil is nothing crazy, but for me this is a very fun and innovative warmup toy!
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Technical Specs

Lube Compatibility





  • = compatible
  • = not compatible

Ya won't need much - it's smooth! There's also not a ton of surface area so I prefer thicker lube purely for ease-of-aiming purposes.



Anal Safe?



Unbound babes has a 1-year warranty on all motorized toys - so you're set!

Charging Time

3 hours

Use Time

1.5-2 hours

The universal charger works with all your other Unbound Babes toys (I'm making you a convert, huh). But it does take a WHILE to charge and due to the nature of dual-action and thrusting which are pretty power-intensive you'll burn through the juice way faster than it takes to "reload"

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Unbound Babes "Clutch"

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