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Last modified on June 19, 2024

If you’re booking paid calls for some type of adult-content-related service (in my biz that’s kink mentorship), you’ll quickly learn that they ALL use Stripe. Or PayPal. Both of which are not okay with adult content – major UGH.

The alternative is letting people book for free and then billing them separately, but that’s manual and if you’re a fellow ADHDer like me that is a really quick way to turn your business into a non-paying hobby when you forget to follow through. Or avoid the task pre-emptively by neglecting to market those calls. You know the drill.

That’s where has filled in that gap in my business! It’s an online scheduling tool, so clients can just book a time themselves from my calendar (automatically synced with my own personal google calendar availability) and pay with my NSFW payment processor would also be a great option for the coach or mentor who doesn’t want to start their own website (yet, or even ever) as the software makes a site for you with your services. Or you can just embed the booking form on your own site like I do.


What it is:

Let clients schedule appointments, get reminders & pay online 24/7. Your own booking site!

Why I like it:

This lets you take payment right at booking! So many other similar tools only work with paypal/stripe for payment processing which is a no-go for adult-related content. I also like that the site lets you completely customize your plan based on the quantities of features you want, super unique and in my opinion a huge plus! The interface and billing could be less clunky but this is working well for me so far.


$8.25-25.90/month depending on the plan you choose.


While this is a tool that has worked for me, it may not be the right fit for every biz owner. Or for the current stage of your biz. Vet the terms and conditions (especially around adult content) of ANY service you build your business with, in addition to making sure the actual features are a good fit for your needs. 

There are affiliate links in this post and I may earn commission for qualifying purchases.

Also know that you don't "need" any of these tools to build a profitable, sustainable business that support you and your family. I just like sharing because we need more kinky businesses in this world and maybe my learnings will help you grow your own empire!

Oh and if you want personal recommendations for your own kinky biz, I can be your mentor and love to geek out about this! Get Vetted for private mentorship here. 

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