December 11, 2023

Emma’s Kink Chronicles: All about my personal journey into kink

The tea has been SPLIT! I share about my personal kink journey, from the innocent days of literotica exploration to fetlife, internalized religious shame, and where I stand now as a kinkster.

This episode is a rollercoaster of self-discovery rollercoaster 🎢, offering insights, cautionary tales, and a whole lot of encouragement for those on their own kink journey. Get ready for a candid chat that explores the highs, lows, and unexpected turns on the winding road of kinky livin’.

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“Hi. Hello bestie. Oh, this is going to be a fun one. For me. Which hey, let’s be real. The fun ones for me. That i get the most into are the ones that tend to do the best anyways, so you’re gonna like it too. Today, we’re talking about, Question. I get asked all the freaking time which is about like my own personal kink journey journey. How i discovered this about myself and you know how it’s led to Where i am today in the king scene and just yeah, really what’s what’s going on there? So Let’s do this fucking thing. I’m excited. Um, So my very first introduction ever to kink. What’s through, literotica? I, When i was like, you know, just just discovering porn and sexuality. Um, i Was kind of scared shitless. Honestly to watch porn. Like i had heard so many negative things about it, first of all but also just Like, i had this. You know. A sibling roommate situation and It just wasn’t really. The smartest option for me to be watching porn. You know, when i could maybe get caught with it. So instead, i would read a lot of literotica. Which i, you know, would have to highly recommend for my very imaginative Subs out there. Um, it’s so great because you get to And vision. What you what you want to have happen. There’s so much of it out there that’s like so readily available. Um, There’s like a literotica website but there’s, you know, like the wattpad app is just filthy with literotica too. I’m sure there are so many you know, smuddy audio books, too. There is a vast. Vast vast amount of content out there that is literotica. And so that’s kind of the reason why i leaned more towards literotica. But What’s interesting with literotica? Is it’s a lot. It’s a lot easier. I’m not side of the side of things. To kind of. Slip down a new path, maybe an invert inadvertently or unintentionally. And what i mean by that is when you’re watching porn, You have to be pretty explicit. It’s like what you’re searching for like, okay. I want to see Gay. Oh my god, i searched porn before. Before we have to be very explicit, like you have to look out, you know, like group play cuckold rimming to like see that. So you have to know and like Get it down to like a few keywords, like exactly what it is. You’re looking for to find it. And yeah, there are recommended videos under that that might be a little bit outside of what you’re what you had initially searched for But there’s also, Those little little screen grabs. So, like before you click on any video, you’re going to have a really good sense of what it is. And it’s hard for there to really be many surprises in that, especially with the length of most porn videos, they tend to be really short. So yeah, they’re just tends to not be a ton of surprises. Like you tend to know What you’re going to get and that’s why you’re deciding to watch that video. But with literotica. Oh my, that is not the case….”

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