Femme Funn Ultra Wand Sex Toy Review

Last modified on May 18, 2024

A STRONG rumbly low-maintenance wand, at a reasonable price! Rejoice! Fun colors and comes in 3 sizes.

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You're not on just any sex toy review site! You're in my personal toybox of toys I love, trust and have vetted - the vast majority of which were purchased by myself or my partner. 

My scoring system is SUPER personal to my needs and preferences as a low-executive function girly with ADHD. This means I'm not typically interested in measuring toys or decibel levels, ask questions in the comments!

Oh and when you buy through my links, I may earn a commission. All opinions expressed here are my own, and this particular toy was purchased by a past partner.


Emma's Rating: 4.5/5

It's a wand! Simple controls, 10 settings, and the silicone is the most wonderful texture. I've used the standard size (which is 10 inches long, slightly smaller than other standard wands), but there is also a Mini and XL size depending whatcha want!

Full disclosure that at the time of writing this review I no longer have this toy - it died within 2 years and I haven't replaced it yet. But am planning to! Since I had it last they've also come out with an XL size that is on my list to try next.

ADHD-Proof* Score: 90/100

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Fully waterproof, coated in a soft textured silicone. And if you're a pet-owner like me, you'll be happy to know this is the type of silicone that isn't particularly sticky so I don't have to worry about pet hair sticking to it. A rare treat!

I knocked off points because the textured silicone does take a slight bit more attention to clean, that being said I still wouldn't trade this for a smooth silicone it's just something to note and be mindful of.

*By ADHD-Proof, I basically mean "me"-proof. Or how suitable this is for my lifestyle and brain as a kinky human with ADHD (this is my personal toybox after-all). When I buy toys I'm looking for low-maintenance materials, easy to clean design, limited components to keep track of, stuff like that. That's what this score is referring to. 

Stimulation Score: 100/100

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Fucking awesome, honestly. This is the strongest wand I've tried yet! Not comparable to something like a sybian (duh), but this fucker is strong. . Get it here

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This can be fun to use dry or over clothes, so I don't always use lube!



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Femme Funn "Ultra Wand"

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