Rovozar Torso Sex Doll Review

Last modified on May 19, 2024

A 36-pound torso of a sex doll with tig ole’ bitties and 2 fuckable holes.

Perfect for a threesome or cucking roleplay, that is if you don’t mind her high-maintenance cleaning regimen.

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My scoring system is SUPER personal to my needs and preferences as a low-executive function girly with ADHD. This means I'm not typically interested in measuring toys or decibel levels, ask questions in the comments!

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Emma's Rating: 3/5

Honestly - I bought this toy as a Christmas present and I bought it pretty late and then was constrained to what would arrived on time from Amazon. I think if I had spent more time researching I wouldn't have bought this toy or a TPE toy at all for the higher maintenance needs and lacking ability to sterilize this.

ADHD-Proof* Score: 0/100

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OKAY so this is the downfall of the sex doll. It's so fun to use, it really is, but the cleanup is for-freaking-real. TPE is porous, so you need to clean it pretty immediately after use. There's also an increased risk of staining with TPE toys, you need to be aware of keeping it off colorful fabric that has a transfer risk, too.

To cleanup the vaginal and anal tunnels, you need to irrigate it first with soapy water then fresh water to rinse (avoiding anything too hot which can damage it). And because the material is porous and the holes can't dry out on their own, you need to use an absorbent rod (some are included) that look like a tampon and leave it in for a good few hours so it can fully dry out. It's quite the process. I've suggested using a condom to my dom to save the time, but he hasn't tried that method yet so I can't report on how well that does for the toy.

Right out of the box she's oily so you'll need to wash her whole body, which includes carrying all 36+ pounds of her to a bathtub (ideally) and doing the same gentle soapy water/rinse situation followed by a powdering to keep her skin from being overly "sticky".

It's also worth noting that the skin is a bit delicate so you have to be careful not to rip it. Especially when moving it around, something like a towel or blanket to use as a sort of gurney really helps here.

*By ADHD-Proof, I basically mean "me"-proof. Or how suitable this is for my lifestyle and brain as a kinky human with ADHD (this is my personal toybox after-all). When I buy toys I'm looking for low-maintenance materials, easy to clean design, limited components to keep track of, stuff like that. That's what this score is referring to. 

Stimulation Score: 90/100

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My partner who was the receiver does like it, just not the maintenance. He says, "if you want to stare at some jiggling titties and fuck a wet hole, it's just really good for that." AGREED. The titties are ridiculously fun, and everything downstairs feels pretty dang accurate. Just not warm. But they do make sex doll hole warmers! Have not tried those yet. . Get it here

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While silicone-based lube is technically safe here, keep in mind that silicone-based lube is tricky to cleanup so you will have to do even more cleanup than usual to get it out. I also don't usually note oil-based lube in my compatibility charts, but it should be noted that oil-based lube (massage oils too) are NOT safe to use on TPE as it can break down the material.



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I couldn't find any info about a warranty for this toy

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Rovozar "Torso Sex Doll "

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