✨ Intention Setting Questionnaire ✨

for Oracle Card Readings

The more details and context you can share here, the more detailed and hyper-personal to you I can get. So please, please, spill the dirt! I'm not a mind-reader 😊

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Preferred Name
Your Pronouns
Experience with oracle?
Beginner - This is all new to me 
Interested - I have done some research or had other readings 
Reader - I read oracle cards for myself or others
New to oracle cards specifically, but have similar experience or interest with other spiritual tools (like tarot, astrology, numerology, etc)
in What area of your life could you use the most guidance or insight?

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What type of guidance would be most supportive for you?

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Preferred Style of absorbing info?
Concise - tell me what i need to know as precisely as possible (more overwhelms me)
Detailed - give me as much info as possible (I prefer to recognize patterns on my own) 
No preference, do it as you feel called!
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